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Minimal Dreams - Victor Somma

Minimal Dreams is a series of pieces for soprano, alto, bass flutes and a looper pedal which evokes the experience with the archetypes of the subconscious mind by translating some of the ancestral sounds of Afro-Amerindian flutes to the context of modern flutes.  

 The looper pedal creates a kaleidoscope, in which countless melodic layers are superimposed and interspersed in a profusion of ideas that finally create a type of composition that is partly the composer's mind and partly created at the very moment of the performance. A non-strict type of minimalism, in which the looper pedal, with its simultaneous loops and independent time length proportions, allows the connection with an essential attribute of music making – to create an intersubjective universe between performer and audience.

Usually called extended techniques, the effects explored in Minimal Dreams are inspired by the flutes of different Afro-Amerindian cultures, for which the concept of "extended" does not apply, since every sound produced by the instrument is part of it. 

This performance seeks to create, as in dreams, the symbols that manage to cross the barriers of the subconscious, emerging through images and emotions yearning to be incorporated into ourselves

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